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A world class Dinner Party Magician

“Oh, Etienne was an absolute star; he was fantastic, just as I remembered when I first met him at Uncle Paul Burden’s party in the spring.”

Be it Black tie or a casual gathering with friends, Etienne is capable of more than just magic. Etienne has been working with magic for over twenty years and has delighted tables from London to Los Angeles and knows exactly what is required for a special night full of magical memories. From breaking and repairing glasswear, to making watches and jewellery disappear, Etienne has every routine at hand to dazzle and delight your guests..

Etienne, the perfect entertainer to make you dinner party special

As an experienced intimate magician, Etienne will work close up with your guests leaving them in awe of his ability to dazzle and amaze. His baffling mindreading skills will induce laughter and amazement, he will astonish and astound your guests with his original style and individual magic. Etienne's sharp humour and charisma make him the perfect table magician to bring comedy and a sense of "je ne c'est quoi" to your event. With a wealth of experience in his field, he is quick off the mark to ensure the party gets going from the start.

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01233 811 952 or 07772 727 432

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