The best way to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah

“Be it your 8th or 48th birthday - Etienne is an absolute must have!”

Mustletoff!! Etienne will entertain young and old with his award winning table magic. By choosing Etienne, you will ensure that your guests will leave the party spellbound and in awe of his slight of hand and skill.

A Bar Mitzvah Magaician above the rest!

He will engage and delight everyone at your special event as a superb close up table magician.This specialist in bar mitzvah entertainment has had over 20 years experience and runs the established Butterfly Trix Agency, so why not think about a look a like or stilt walker for your next event? Etienne knows one of the most important parts of a bar/bat mitzvah party is the entrance of the boy or girl whos day it is. So why not use Etienne’s experience, along with his illusion trick to make a stunning magical entrance of the main star of the day. Photographs courtesy of

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J’Adore Etienne!

15 Years in the magic circle

Performed infront of the Royal Family

Beat Penn and Teller

Performed infront of the Royal Family

Beat Penn and Teller

Born in France, Etienne became fascinated by magic at an early age and rapidly made a name for himself as a truly gifted close-up magician that was assured to be “going somewhere.” And he did … twice!

He moved to England and achieved international recognition as one of the world’s finest close-up table magicians. After only 3 years as a member of the elite ‘Magic Circle’, he was invited to take membership of the ‘Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star’ in recognition of his excellence as a professional magician

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