Though it takes years of practice and skills to perform great magic, some magic tricks are indeed quite easy. Magicians in London have been following those for centuries. Even if the feats of trickery look a bit complicated, it is actually not so. Are you willing to amaze your friends with some magic tricks? Take a few objects lying in your house and create illusions which will leave everyone dazzled. Even friends and family will start praising your power of enchantment. You will be surprised to know that renowned magicians living in London once started with these easy magic tricks.

Few Magic Tricks Anyone Can Try

  • Hover A Foam Cup In The Air

If you think that leaving a cup is a complicated task, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The skills you require to perform the trick are quite basic. Take a foam cup, choose your audience and tell them that you can make the cup float. Try to distract them by taking a few steps back. While you are doing this, force your thumb through the cup’s backside. Move your thumb in such a way so that it looks like the foam cup is floating. It is basically the magic of fingers.


  • Rise Yourself

Though being a very common magic trick, you can impress your audience by performing it well. Stand in such a position so that you and your audience are in a diagonal position. Their focus should be on your back heel which you are about to lift. Do some float-like wavering while you lift the foot which your audience can see off the ground. A bit of practice is necessary if you want to block the toe and lift the foot. If the audience can’t see your foot, they will suppose that you are defying gravity.


  • Try Mind Reading

Almost every experienced magician in London is considered to be a mind reader. If you want to impress kids, try the mind-reading tricks. Ask them to select crayons from a box and put them in your hand which is behind you. Let them know that you will now read their minds and predict the colour. While you are saying this, use your nails to scrape the crayons. Wave your hand in the air so that you can see your nails and the crayon colour. Impress the kids by revealing the crayon colour they have picked.


  • Vanish A Coin

Though there are numerous disappearing tricks for you to choose from, a coin can be disappeared with some basic crafty handiwork. Take a coin and inform the audience that you are going to vanish it. A bold move is required to create the effect. You have to move your hand in such a way so that the coin moves through your elbow sleeves before you re-appear it. Just don’t try to stand up while you are creating the illusion.

Try the easy magic tricks stated above and even you can amaze your audience like renowned magicians in London.